Specific paints

Specific paints



Encapsulating paint for asbestos-cement

It creates a flexible membrane that effectively blocks the release of asbestos fibers into the environment. High elasticity of the applied film, resistant to thermal expansion of the substrate. It protects the support surface from the formation of molds and fungi and has particular resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.
The product has been awarded a special certificate by the ISTITUTO GIORDANO S.P.A. institute attesting to its suitability for rendering asbestos inert.

  • Equipment
    Brush, wool long-hair roller, spray and airless gun
  • Spreading capacity
    According to the intervention , please refer to the Datasheet Pack
  • Layers
    At least 2-3 coats of contrasting colors, to obtain the certified characteristics
  • Batch
    15 l
  • Disponibilità
    White, grey, red oxide