Wood protected and young with the Woodwork range!


ABC relaunches in the market the Woodwork Range: a solvent impregnant and a finish, able to avoid the phenomenon of deterioretion of the wood caused by the activity of atmospheric agents. 
Applying Woodwork Impregnante and  Woodwork Cerato you can finally ensure protection to your structures with wooden surface and to preserve the beauty and integrity while maintaining the natural grain visible.

WOODWORK IMPREGNANTE is a product based on alkyd resins and vegetable oils suitable for the protection of all types of wood from the aggressive action of the sun and atmospheric agents. In addition, it colors the surface making the wood waterproofing; it does not form a film but penetrates deeply into the wood.



WOODWORK CERATO is a product based on alkyd resins suitable for the protection of any type of wood. It is easy and quick to apply, in addition, it forms a superficial protective and waterproofing film that does not peel over time.