Protection of iron and wood: Polifac range


ABC starts 2014 with the launch of a new range dedicated to the protection and the durability over time on iron and wood: POLIFAC is a solvent based range of products designed to ensure a correct maintenance of iron and wood structures and  counter the deterioration due to atmospheric agents.



POLIFAC SMALTO LUCIDO is a glossy alkyd enamel suitable for the protection of surfaces as iron, steel, wood, plastic material and light alloys properly treated (iron surfaces with Polifac Antiruggine), for outdoor and indoor use. Polifac smalto lucido is extremely easily applied creating a glossy film, full and  highly covering.



POLIFAC SMALTO MICACEO is an enamel based on synthetic resins, anticorrosive pigments and  laminated fillers, suitable for the protection and finishing of metal surfaces. 
The product is suggested as base-finish for ferrous artefacts exposed even in aggressive environments such as industrial or marine. The finish with micaceous effect is also suitable for aesthetic solutions of high quality.