New wall paints for the brand ABC!


ABC launches in the market IDEALQUARZ EXTRAFILLER and IDEALQUARZ EXTRA ANTIALGA, two quartz wall paints belonging to the Idealquarz Range dedicated to the protection of facades. 
These two new products, together with others of the same range, are able to meet the needs of a optiamal coating and interventions for maintenance and renovation, and also for the painting of new buildings, since they ensure the protection and decoration of buildings.


IDEALQUARZ EXTRAFILLER is a quartz acrylic wall paint leveling for outdoor use, it realizes in only two layers finishes with high masking power even on imperfections in the surface. 
It provides protection and decoration of exterior walls even in particularly aggressive environments.

IDEALQUARZ EXTRA ANTIALGA is a fine quartz acrylic wall paint with high coverage, particularly suitable for the protection of exterior walls that need a light filling power of the substrate 
It preserves from the formation of mold and algae.