ABC celebrates its 60 years of business activity


ABC, celebrates this year its sixty years of history that have made it a renowned brand in Italy, for the quality, efficiency and versatility of its paints and coatings for the professional building sector.

Born in 1954 in Ancona as a distributor of adhesives, colorants and abrasives for joineries and furniture makers, the brand ABC begins immediately in the following decade to produce wall paints and to move towards the building sector.

In 1969 and subsequently in 1982, ABC enlarged of manufacturing plant in Montemarciano (AN).

Thanks to considerable works of technological development implemented in the early 90's, started the creation of a full range of professional finishes for the building sector and the brand ABC becomes leader of the local market, attracting the interest of the San Marco Group, that will it acquire in 1997.

The brand ABC from 1997 up today has made important changes, both in terms of growth of production capacity and technological innovation and business.