LOSTUCCO il nuovo stucco di ABC 24.01.2018   LOSTUCCO is the new paste smoothing paste ready to use of ABC, it is suitable for filling cracks and depressions, also of considerable thickness, on supports in plaster, plasterboard and wood and is specific for internal use. The product is ready for use and can be easily applied with a... Continue
Hidrosan Intonachino Antialga, per la protezione delle facciate 27.10.2017   ABC: Façades protection  ABC relaunches on the market its Hidrosan Line with Hidrosan Intonachino Antialga, a special coating for  exterior walls made of siloxane and acrylic resins that protects against the formation of moulds and algae. It is... Continue
A NEW LINE FOR YOUR HOME! 24.10.2017 2017 NEWS ABC unveils the new line to paint your HOME! The STILE CASA (HOME STYLE) and STILE CASA EXTRA (HOME STYLE EXTRA) lines include wall paints for interiors with a good washability that create refined finishes with excellent whiteness and a matt look. The new Stile Casa and Stile... Continue
ABC is renewed with an even wider range of products to protect, decorate and color. 01.10.2017 Continue
ABC celebrates its 60 years of business activity 18.09.2014 ABC, celebrates this year its sixty years of history that have made it a renowned brand in Italy, for the quality, efficiency and versatility of its paints and coatings for the professional building sector. Born in 1954 in Ancona as a distributor of adhesives, colorants and abrasives for... Continue
New wall paints for the brand ABC! 10.09.2014 ABC launches in the market IDEALQUARZ EXTRAFILLER and IDEALQUARZ EXTRA ANTIALGA, two quartz wall paints belonging to the Idealquarz Range dedicated to the protection of facades.  These two new products, together with others of the same range, are able to meet the needs of a optiamal coating... Continue
Protection of iron and wood: Polifac range 10.09.2014 ABC starts 2014 with the launch of a new range dedicated to the protection and the durability over time on iron and wood: POLIFAC is a solvent based range of products designed to ensure a correct maintenance of iron and wood structures and  counter the deterioration due to atmospheric... Continue
Wood protected and young with the Woodwork range! 10.09.2014 ABC relaunches in the market the Woodwork Range: a solvent impregnant and a finish, able to avoid the phenomenon of deterioretion of the wood caused by the activity of atmospheric agents.  Applying Woodwork Impregnante and  Woodwork Cerato you can finally ensure protection to your... Continue