Colorimetry and tinting system ABCcromie

The tinting of the ABC finishes is accomplished through the specific ABCcromie tinting system specifically developed for the ABC products And manual tinting machines, tested and compatible with the system.

Ideal for the retailer dealing with the building sector. The ABCcromie tinting system makes it possible to achieve, in a simple and fast way,the tinting of a wide range of water-based products for indoor and outdoor use, including those lime-based and silicates. The ABCcromie system is safe and accurate in the color reproduction and reduces stock: starting from a few bases tinting is obtained a variety of colors. This system offers obvious advantages:

  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Stock level reduction

The tinting formulas have been studied as a function of the inherent characteristics of the product and have been developed available only after satisfying the features of reliability and repeatability. The system includes:

  • A wide range of products for the decoration and the protection of wall support surfaces
  • 1-2-3 bases for each product
  • 16 specific tinting colorants for water-based products, highconcentrated

Available 315 shades of the TUC color chart for outdoor and 240 shades for indoor with the ABCcromie color chart.

  • ABCcromie Color Chart

    ABCcromie Color Chart

  • TUC Color Chart

    TUC Color Chart